May, 9 2015 : Nina Marinick Solo Exhibition

BEA : Name / Age / Location

NINA : Nina Marinick (aka based

BEA : Tell us a little bit about yourself: What got you interested in art?  Have you taken any art classes?

NINA : I've always been interested in art. My mom went to Mass college of Art and she used to manage the dorms when I was a little kid. She used to paint all the time so I was always around it. She even taught a few art lessons at one of my elementary schools. I took art in middle school/high school, and I've taken a printmaking class in college. I would like to go back to school and study.

BEA : Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?

NINA : I gather my inspiration through every aspect of my life. Lately I am practicing self reflection, but I am inspired by all. I know that is a very broad answer, but I mean it. I am inspired by the constant search to know more, to spread words and ideas, to find peace and purpose.

BEA : Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and discovered a whole new genre of art?  How did it turn out?

NINA : Hah of course! Painting my first mural was a total step out of my comfort zone and it took some fumbling for sure, but I think it turned out pretty well ;) Also, large scale (or small) collaborations can be a total breach of the comfort zone, often in the best possible way. Collaborating requires mindfulness as well as the ability to let go of one's own ideas and judgements in order to create something beautiful and meaningful.

BEA : What’s your favorite piece of work that you have created? 

NINA : Oh I don't know if I have a favorite! Maybe I can scan some old art from sketchbooks. I love the stuff in my old sketchbooks because it is a way to pinpoint myself and feelings at a certain time and place. Sometimes what I created in the past blows me away because I can't fathom having created it at all. I think a lot of what I make leaves me feeling this way to be honest, and a creation can appear as simple as a line, but what that line holds can be so much more.

BEA : Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?

NINA : Oh I will ramble so much.. Ok. Be honest in all that you do. Move with intention and slow down when it falters. Carry rocks in your pockets. Answer your phone and reply to that message because even though you are busy and you think it unimportant, you have no idea how relevant it is to what you are doing now. Give all that you have, it will come back to you and you will grow. When you have nothing give it away, it will teach you to value all that you have and are given. Know that what we know is all subject to change, and when you are too sure of something, you will not allow it that necessary change. The greener grass requires just as much work as the patch you have now, so work on what you got. Face your fears, you will only make them stronger if you deny them, you will only feed your monster. Vulnerability is not the same as weakness, shame is not the same as guilt. View others as you view yourself. Remember that you are capable of bad just as anyone else, and you are also capable of good as anyone else. Use caution in your judgement. PRACTICE EMPATHY. Love all. Be open, and share, when it is time. Listen to others. Spend time with others. Find time for yourself. Know that time is not as rigid as we are taught. Respect.

BEA : Do you have an online portfolio or a blog where we can view your work?

NINA : I am working on that.. for now my site is and it will link you to my Also follow my instagram